di Jaka Florjančič


An international couple is on vacation in Rome, in the Pigneto’s neighbourhood. Before going out they begin to argue. Klaudia complains that Luca is unreliable and cannot do anything alone, not even close the hotel’s room. After the hundredth time Luca is distracted, Klaudia drags him out to show him how to close the door, in that moment Luca realizes they have not taken the key. He tries to tell her, but it is too late. Klaudia is embarrassed by the moment, she looks at Luca who cannot stop laughing and she start to laugh with him.


Story of two young men who live in Pigneto.

One undecided about revealing his true essence hides, fights, cries. The other one irreverent and ironic, he knows that he has nothing to lose and that in the end love will not triumph this time. An iconic and universal Pigneto for the winning short film of the first edition.


Zeno Franceschi, Serena Osma

Musiche: Kalpa