I corti

Vincitore Edizione 2018


Five under-35 Filmmakers of foreign nationality are selected for the creation of original audiovisual products. The directors are asked to develop short films whose theme will be revealed a few hours before shooting starts; the filmmakers will have 6 days at their disposal - 144 hours - to produce their original work which can either be a short film, a documentary or an animated short film having a maximum duration of 8 minutes excluding the credits. CREDITS Concept, Camera, Editing: Ariane Doehring Cast: Ivano Calafato, Tony Scarfi, Valentina Ghelfi, Alessandra Masi, Caterina Cottavavi Music by Gym Produced by Pigneto Film Festival and Ariane Doehring


Directed by Joan Bosch Dalmau Cast: Andrea Sorrentino, Valeria De Michele, Gaia Lo Vecchio, Marco Trotta Music: Giulia's Mother, Evolov, C4 Kaboom Produced by Pigneto Film Festival e Joan Bosch


Directed by Anne Balthasar Cast: Francesco La Mantia, Angelica Prezioso, Mauro Racanati, Giulia Rupi, Giulia Iannaccone Produced by Pigneto Film Festival e Anna Balthasar


Directed by Sohpie Clavaizolle Cast: Anna Charlotte Barbera, Alan Lorwhen, Marina Savino, Pavel Belli, Valentina Ghelfi Music: AM OK Produced by Pigneto Film Festival e Sohpie Clavaizolle


Directed by Alfie Barker Cast: Federico Palmieri, Serena De Sario, Carlotta Guido Music: Mòn Produced by Pigneto Film Festival e Alfie Barker