Anastasia Shikina


director and producer, was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. From 2012 to 2017 she studied film-directing at the State University of Film and Television and graduated specializing in directing documentaries. She won the grant to study the program at visual arts at Karelia University of Applied Science (Finland) in 2016 and was awarded by the film festival Cinemadamare for a documentary course at the Institute of Art in Jakarta (Indonesia) in 2017.


After graduation Anastasia started her career as a producer for documentary episodes for the Malta International Music festival and The International Tchaikovsky competition with Medici TV. She has developed producer’s skills attending the training for filmmakers organized by Goethe Institute in Moscow and participated in the conference Avant Premiere Music + Media Market Berlin in 2019.


In 2019 Anastasia was selected to be part of the program of the research center Fabrica in Italy that supports visual artists for the development of their projects. She also participated in the campus for filmmakers in Kenya and created the documentary “The playground”. In 2019 the short film “La mia Terra” directed by Anastasia was awarded by Italian film festival Cinemadamare for the best cinematography and best editing in the weekly competition in Genzano di Lucino (Italy). In 2021 she attended art-residency “Cobertizo“ in Mexico where she created the film “Transition“ (currently in post-production). 


Since 2015 she directs and produces documentary projects with the focus on culture and arts and keeps being driven by passion to tell human stories worldwide. Anastasia also keeps developing her skills in the post-production in the programs as Adobe Premiere Pro, Da Vinci.