Leo Černic

Leo Černic Ljubljana

Leo Černic Ljubljana 1995 is an animated short film author madly in love with small independent films and humble and sincere artists. He graduated in film and television directing at the Academy of Theater, Radio, Cinema and Television in Ljubljana and then continued his studies in animation at the Experimental Center of Cinematography – Piedmont headquarters in Turin.

In his stories he always tries to capture the stories of the failures, the mediocre, the last and their dreams – most likely because he feels like one of them.


PENTOLA – short animated film, CSC ANIMAZIONE (2022)

LIGHT’S IMPRINTS – tv program, KINOATELJE (2021)

VOJNA BESED ALI SPOŠTLJIVA TIŠINA – short educational animated film, KINOATELJE (2020) FIRST CROSSINGS – festival animated trailer, KINOATELJE (2019)

PLES LJUBEZNI – short animated film, UL AGRFT (2018)

KIKIBIO IN ŽERJAV – short TV drama, UL AGRFT (2017)

ZAMEJEN – short animated documentary film, UL AGRFT (2016)