Anastasia Shikina

ANASTASIA SHIKINA, director and producer, was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. From 2012 to 2017 she studied film-directing at the State University of Film and Television and graduated specializing in directing documentaries. She won the grant to study the program at visual arts at Karelia University of Applied Science (Finland) in 2016 and was awarded by the film festival Cinemadamare for a documentary course at the Institute of Art in Jakarta (Indonesia) in 2017.   After graduation Anastasia started her career as a producer for documentary episodes for the Malta International Music festival and The International Tchaikovsky competition with Medici TV. She has developed producer’s skills attending the training for filmmakers organized by Goethe Institute in Moscow and participated in the conference Avant Premiere Music + Media Market Berlin in 2019.   In 2019 Anastasia was selected to be part of the program of the research center Fabrica in Italy that supports visual artists for...


Leo Černic

Leo Černic Ljubljana Leo Černic Ljubljana 1995 is an animated short film author madly in love with small independent films and humble and sincere artists. He graduated in film and television directing at the Academy of Theater, Radio, Cinema and Television in Ljubljana and then continued his studies in animation at the Experimental Center of Cinematography - Piedmont headquarters in Turin. In his stories he always tries to capture the stories of the failures, the mediocre, the last and their dreams - most likely because he feels like one of them. Filmography PENTOLA - short animated film, CSC ANIMAZIONE (2022) LIGHT’S IMPRINTS - tv program, KINOATELJE (2021) VOJNA BESED ALI SPOŠTLJIVA TIŠINA - short educational animated film, KINOATELJE (2020) FIRST CROSSINGS - festival animated trailer, KINOATELJE (2019) PLES LJUBEZNI - short animated film, UL AGRFT (2018) KIKIBIO IN ŽERJAV - short TV drama, UL AGRFT (2017) ZAMEJEN - short animated documentary film, UL AGRFT (2016) 

Joaquìn Olaya Mesa

Joaquìn Olaya Mesa Bio:  Colombian writer/director based in Barcelona with a Master's degree in Filmmaking. I’ve worked for +8 years as Colorist and Post Producer in several feature films, shorts, TV commercials. Currently, I'm developing my professional career as a writer/director in the independent film industry.


Heloise Heloise works between New York City where she is based and Europe, where she is from. She is an actress, writer, filmmaker and voice over artist.  She is the other half of the  award-winning production company called Little y ( Her films often explores family dynamics, first times, and how social and political circumstances shape our identity and the environment we live in.  She trained at the Stella Adler Evening Conservatory and received her MFA in Playwriting at Brooklyn College. Her TV project Weezy Goes Outside has been screened in various festivals in the US and the UK and recently accepted into the fellowship programme at the Catalyst Story Institute sponsored by HBO.   Heloise is represented by ImaCrew and Séquence sud across the board.

Valery Stoianova

Valery Stoianova I was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 19th, February 1996. From my childhood I was going to different courses like choreography school and art school. I’ve studied English, French, Polish languages, playing piano, riding horses and acting also. I’ve understood that I wanted to be a director since my little age but after finishing school I’ve decided to graduate from the faculty of journalism in National University “Odessa Law Academy”. So now I have a Bachelor and Masters Degree of journalism.  Throughout my university studies, I created an author 's TV show on a local TV channel, was a radio host and created a student radio at the university with my friend. I also worked as an executive producer of commercial shoots, was a videographer and later director of videos and photos in production. In 2018, the work of our team was published in the German magazine “Volant”. Also in 2018 I was...